Education is a Process

Leaps & Bounds Montessori Preschool Rangiora

Maria Montessori, the first woman doctor in Italy, was one of the great pioneers in the study of child development.  Her philosophy is based on the understanding that education is a process.

Promoting Sensorial Play

Leaps & Bounds Montessori Rangiora

Our environment includes specific areas such as:  Sensorial Activities based around a sense of visual discrimination, observation and descriptive language.  EG: cylinder blocks, shapes, colour discrimination (shading) and measurement.

Finding Joy in New Activities

Leaps & Bounds Montessori Rangiora

Having independent children who can take responsibility for their own learning paths results in relaxed and confident children.  Learning is fun and children find joy in their discoveries and in the activities that they choose each day.

Encouraging New Experiences

Leaps & Bounds Montessori Rangiora

Other Experiences Just as important are music, messy play, ball skills and games, water play, parachute games, dance, drama, puppets, dress ups and clay. Most of all we have lots of FUN and LAUGHTER!