At Leaps and Bounds, we provide a holistic curriculum.  Our environment includes specific areas such as:

Practical Life

Activities that are to do with care of self and the environment.  Concentration and co ordination are developed.  Grace and courtesy skills are practiced.  EG: tipping and pouring, spooning, washing, wiping, sweeping, scissor work, buttons, zips, Velcro


Activities based around a sense of visual discrimination, observation and descriptive language.  EG: cylinder blocks, shapes, colour discrimination (shading), measurement


Activities to promote early literacy skills.  Lots of experiences with receptive and expressive language.  EG: sandpaper letter, moveable alphabet, phonic activities, shapes, writing


Activities based around counting and number relationships, including an overview of the function of the decimal system .  EG: sandpaper numerals, spindle boxes, addition and subtraction games


Experiences that provide children with information about geography, history, music, art, science and nature study.  Other areas of interest of knowledge from of animals, globes, plants

Other Experiences

Just as important are music, messy play, ball skills and games, water play, parachute games, dance, drama, puppets, dress ups, clay, Perceptual Motor activities ie: balancing, climbing, crawling.  All of these things and much more occur on a daily basis.  Most of all we have lots of FUN and LAUGHTER!