At Leaps and Bounds Preschool, we provide a unique learning environment.  Some of our aspirations for your child are: 

Independence, Responsibility, Respect and Relationships


Independence is essential to learning.  Through self choice children express and strengthen their individuality, fostering the development of self confidence and integrity.  Our children are encouraged and supported to complete everyday tasks for themselves.


Children are encouraged to take responsibility for the wellbeing of themselves and others.  They are encouraged to choose their own activities based around their interests and developmental needs.  Having independent children who can take responsibility for their own learning paths results in relaxed and confident children.  Learning is fun and children find joy in their discoveries and in the activities that they choose each day.


Respect for themselves, others and the environment are important key elements at Leaps and Bounds.  Small and large group activities provide opportunities for children to develop social skills based around values needed in a democratic society.  Teachers encourage strong relationship management skills between the children based around being confident, capable communicators.  Children take responsibility for respecting and caring for the environment by ensuring that it is an orderly, fun place to be.


At Leaps and Bounds, we feel very strongly that relationships form the basis of life.  We are committed to supporting families in the education of their children and are able to do this by forming meaningful relationships with all Children, Parents and Whanau.  Our Early Childhood National Curriculum document Te Whariki, talks about the importance of children developing relationships with people, places and things.  In order to support children with this, we firstly develop a strong teacher / child relationship that is based around mutual respect and genuine caring.