Maree and Kelvyn Jolly opened Leaps and Bounds Preschool in January 2009 to provide high quality care and education for children in North Canterbury.

Our Nursery offers a peaceful and safe exploration space for children aged three months to around two years. In the nursery there is an emphasis placed on relationships and fostering trust, unconditional love and acceptance. We provide flexiblility within predictability and offer children individual and group learning experiences.

Our Preschool provides a programme especially developed for two years olds. We offer new opportunities for movement and independence, while developing respect for others and the environment. There are predictable happenings throughout the day, indoor/outdoor flow and children will be introduced to Practical Life concepts.

The Montesori Classroom offers full access to Montessori equipment and teachings, specifically designed to maximise independent learning and exploration for children aged 3-6 years. Children experience the freedom to work independently on activities of their choice with respectful guidence from Montessori trained teachers. Children are provided opportunities to develop social competence alongside peers as they move through the Montessori curriculum in preparation for school.

Maree has a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and has worked in Early Childhood Education since 1990.    She is passionate about providing an environment which promotes children’s wellbeing through meaningful relationships between Teachers and Families, while igniting a child’s love of learning through Maria Montessori’s vision.  Maree is an integral part of the centre, sharing her ideas, passion and vision to create a wonderful learning environment.

“At Leaps and Bounds we switch our children’s brains on to learning when we reinforce our YES YES I CAN! Motto everyday.  Having a ‘can do’ attitude towards life empowers children to succeed through perseverance and self belief”